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SYM Motorbike Insurance

Who? SYM: Sanyang Group.

Where? With its main headquarters in Taiwan, SYM has over 20 bases worldwide and a large distribution network throughout the globe. This is thanks largely to partnerships with the likes of Hyundai, Bombardier and Mahindra & Mahindra Ltd.

What’s the story? Founded on 14th September 1961, taking over Sanyang Electric Machinery Plant, the company soon collaborated with Honda to begin the production of their motorcycles. After developing the steadite water resistant alloy cylinders in 1976, the company took off and continued to grow until the production of its own motorcycles in 2002.

Key models? SYM offer a range of models – one of its most famous is the new Jet4 R 50cc, which was designed with an especially sporty body. With a 13” wheel, increased ride stability and a low price it is one of their most popular scooter models. The Wolf Classic is another popular model designed to be ridden over rough terrain with its impeccable power. Its H4 halogen lamp offers a wide light range also making it ideal for riding at night.

Coolest customs? With the company catering very much to new riders with its brand of scooters and bikes, the custom scene isn’t as established as it is with fans of the bigger brands. That said, you’re bound to come across one or two special editions and modified models at the big motorcycle shows, such as Motorcycle Live.

And what about Insurance? We can help you to find a great deal for your SYM motorcycle or scooter. From the ‘twist and go’ 50cc models like the Symply or Fiddle, through to the Wolf and XS motorcycles, we can offer your motorcycle the care it deserves. Call us today on 0800 804 7952 and we will find a great SYM bike insurance package.