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Carole Nash DNA+ – Application Guidelines

1 – Apply warning label first

  • Even if you do not have time to apply your DNA+ this moment.  Apply the Holographic Warning label immediately to deter thieves.

2 – Where should I apply DNA+

  • Apply the solution in as many of these locations as you can, please see diagram below.
  • Carole Nash DNA+ is white when wet but dries clear. Your uniquely coded particles will appear as black specs. If you have concerns, we suggest that you test on an inconspicuous area or another similar surface beforehand.

3 – How should I apply DNA+

  • First remove the bike seat and any easily detachable fairings.
  • Make sure the surface to be coded is clean, dry and free from dust, dirt or grease.
  • Shake the bottle thoroughly before starting and occasionally during use.  (There is a small agitator ball to help distribute the particles.)
  • Allow the brush to pick up a few particles in the DNA+ solution.
  • Apply a thin dab of the solution to the surface with a twisting action.
  • The liquid is white when applied, but becomes clear as it dries.
  • The digital nano particles may show up as black specs, particularly on light surfaces, which is why it should be applied to concealed areas.
  • When finished, clean the top of the bottle and replace the cap securely.
  • Affix barcode label under the seat, or location NOT EXPOSED TO THE ELEMENTS.

4 – A few things to avoid

  • Don’t dilute the solution.
  • Don’t apply it to moving parts, e.g. Nuts and bolts, keys and switches.
  • Don’t store or use in extreme hot or cold temperatures.
  • Don’t write with the solution; a dab is all that is required.
  • Don’t apply on to surfaces which you wish to remain clear of marking. If this happens, wipe clean immediately with a damp cloth.
Liability for damage to property will not be accepted, if application guidelines are not followed correctly.

Important Safety Notice

Please keep DNA+ out of reach of children and animals. DNA+ particles are suspended in a water based adhesive and although not toxic, care should be taken not to drink or allow to enter the eyes.

If swallowed, seek medical advice immediately. In the event of contact with eyes, they should be flushed with clean water. Some sensitive skin types may be irritated by contact with the adhesive. In the event of contact, wash with soap and water.