Protect all the keys on your fob

Classic Car Key Cover

Losing your keys isn’t just costly, it can be a real hassle.

Carole Nash allows you to add cover for your keys along with your classic car policy, saving you from the prospect of potentially huge bills should your keys become lost or stolen.

Key Cover doesn’t just protect your car key. It protects every key attached to your Key Cover key fob and will save you time, money and, just as importantly, your patience!

Call for a quote

Key care is availaible when you purchase any policy through Carole Nash.

For a quote for any of your cherished vehicles, please call 0333 005 2295

Our Policy Benefits

You will be protected in the event that your keys are lost, stolen or broken. The benefits are as follows:

  • £1500 worth of cover per annum
  • £10 reward will be payable to the finder
  • Up to 3 days car hire if you are stranded
  • 24 hour Emergency Helpline
  • There is NO excess payable
  • You can make a claim on this policy without affecting your ‘No Claims Bonus’ on your other insurance policies.

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