Belfast is the female biking capital of the UK, with a higher proportion of female motorcyclists in the Northern Irish capital than any other major UK city.

Our research reveals that 16% of Belfast’s bikers are women, over 2.5 times the UK average of 6%.

The research also finds that capital cities are a hotspot for female bikers in general, as Edinburgh and London round off the top three with female representation at 11% and 8% respectively. Cardiff is the only UK capital not to feature among the most popular areas for women – its 6% rate of female motorcyclists is in line with the national average.




Commenting on the findings, Rebecca Donohue, our Head of Marketing , said:

It is great to see women in the UK participating in motorcycling, particularly in Belfast. Biking brings many benefits, from time-saving to general health and wellbeing, it’s also a great way to get out and meet new people at club meets and events – being part of the biking community.

“Finding that capital cities are a prime spot for female bikers is an interesting discovery. It seems as though commuting is a major factor for women as they are using motorcycles for the ease and convenience of navigating around the busiest cities, rather than purely as a lifestyle choice or as a hobby.”


Valerie Thompson – the world’s fastest female motorcycle racer, with a top speed of 328.467 miles per hour – also lent her support to the research: “As a woman who rides both for fun and professionally, I take great pride in seeing more ladies taking an interest in riding motorcycles.  Riding is an amazing sport that invokes strength and freedom, something every woman everywhere deserves to experience.

“If you use a motorcycle for commuting, be extra careful of inattentive drivers and heavy traffic. Commuting on a bike is a lot more fun than a car and more economical too, so go for it!”


Full table of results

Female biking rate
Belfast 16%
Edinburgh 11%
London 8%
Bristol 7%
Sunderland 7%
Brighton 6%
Leeds 6%
Cardiff 6%
Nottingham 6%
Glasgow 6%
Hull 5%
Stoke-On-Trent 5%
Coventry 5%
Sheffield 5%
Manchester 4%
Bradford 4%
Birmingham 4%
Leicester 4%
Newcastle Upon Tyne 3%
Liverpool 3%


Figures obtained from Carole Nash’s internal customer database

Data analysed for the 20 largest UK cities by population according to

Female biking rate calculated by taking the total number of female bikers as a percentage of all bikers in each city