The Carole Nash International Classic MotorCycle Show

Qualification Criteria

In order to qualify for free event insurance you have to meet the following criteria:

The Motorcycle is up to the value of £50,000
The Motorcycle is 20 years or older.
The Motorcycle has to resemble a motorcycle – We are unable to cover parts of a bike for example engines or frames in isolation.

NB: All bikes on your application are subject to a review process and by filling out this form, it does not automatically qualify you for the offered exhibition insurance. On completion you will receive documents, if successful, within 10 working days. Alternatively, you will receive a phone call from ourselves, if we require any further information.

For Insurance Product Information Documentation and significant/unusual exclusions or limitations, please refer to your show pack, provided to you by Mortons.

Already with Carole Nash?

If your bike(s) are already protected by a Carole Nash vintage motorcycle policy then there’s no need to return this form – you’re already covered!
If you’re not with us, why not check out our range of policies at


Please complete your application 3 weeks before the show opening date.

Late responses will only be considered at the discretion of Carole Nash.

Any questions please contact our Shows and Events Manager, Kirsty who will be happy to answer your queries.

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T | 0161 927 2447

Please note: we are no longer accepting applications in the post