Carole Nash
Content Writer
Published: 1st November 2017

Classic motorbikes are beautiful, historically rich machines that deserve to be displayed in public. In the run up to Christmas, there’s plenty of classic motorcycle events to check out, from the 24th Carole Nash Motorcycle Mechanics Show, to Motorcycle Live. Here are five of the best classic motorbike shows to see in 2017.

Copdock Motorcycle Show 2017, 1st October

Considered to be East Anglia’s greatest motorbike show, the Copdock event features a great mix of action and heritage. There are stunt riders and the Ken Fox Wall of Death. Away from the high-octane excitement, you’ll be able to see various classic motorbikes on display. The show has a family feel, with local residents all pitching in to make sure the day is memorable.

24th Carole Nash Classic Motorcycle Mechanics Show, 14th – 15th October

Held in Staffordshire, the CN Classic Motorcycle Mechanics Show is all about celebrating classic motorbikes. Whether it’s a machine from the 1930s, or a modern classic, you’ll be able to see different bikes. The event is taking place at Staffordshire County Showground, where over 900 traders and dealers will be offering different parts. There will also be special guests and live motorcycle action to watch.

Malvern Classic Motorcycle Show & Jumble, 22nd October

The Malvern show is held on the day the clocks go back. This is a reminder that you should enjoy your last opportunity to ride before the nights get longer. Various motorcycle clubs will be present and you’ll be able to admire privately entered bikes competing for prizes in the concours competition.

Motorcycle Live, 18th – 26th November

Motorcycle Live is one of the biggest shows of the year and it’s held at the NEC Exhibition Centre in Birmingham. There’s plenty to look forward to, including an indoor track area and outside ride zones. Stunt professionals and special guests will be talking about their experiences and offering advice on how to build custom models.

The 2017 classics display features a cross section of adventure and off-road motorbikes. You’ll be able to sit on the vehicles and take pictures, creating a lasting memory.

Southern Classic Off-Road Show, 3rd December

A great way to end the year, the Southern Classic Off-Road show is held at Kempton Park. As the name suggests, there’s an emphasis on off-road classics. This year, there will be a number of awesome machines to see, including Ted Davis’ and Ernest Allen’s famous Black Lightning.