Carole Nash
Content Writer
Published: 20th August 2013

I have spoken to Steve Keys a few times over the past few years at various events or shows which we both happened to be at. He would often throw at me the same suggestion of getting together and doing something spectacular. Although very keen, as I often am to new suggestions of adventure, I never really thought that much into it. It was only when I received a phone call from Steve in early 2013 that made me realise what he meant exactly.

He was very clever with his description of the trip, making it out to be a nice gentle ride through five different countries accompanied by himself and Danny John-Jules, and the addition of some fun activities along the way. Well, although I thoroughly enjoyed every second of our journey, he couldn’t have been further from the truth! The trip consisted of the longest rides, the hardest climbs, the most mentally challenging situations I had ever faced, and the deepest fear I had ever encountered.

If you were to ask me to provide an example of just what I mean, I would tell you… I am afraid of heights – well perhaps not anymore! I was halfway up a cliff face, holding on with only my strength, clutching on to a ladder which was tilting towards the bottom of the mountain, and I was supposed to climb up it… right! The only thing that got me over that was the fact I had to watch Reece (our camera man) do it first.

Thanks Reece! Then, there were the cows. Jeepers! What is it with me and cows? I can assure you that I have never had a childhood fright with these animals that have scarred me for life, yet I am terrified of them. The crew, the cast & everyone in our convoy managed to pass a cow within inches of touching it, yet, once again, I froze on the bike unable to pass. This was very embarrassing considering I had a pillion and about 20 people sitting in a bar laughing at me in full hysterics. Well… The rest, you will see I am sure.

Regardless of the challenges I faced, I must admit, I thoroughly enjoyed my ride with Steve & Danny. We had such a good laugh the whole way and enjoyed riding some of the most spectacular roads we had ever ridden, and witnessed the most stunning views imaginable. I will be sure to drag them out in the future for more of that! It is sad to see it end, but I must say, it was one of the best weeks of my life and a real pleasure to be able to share that experience with everyone there.