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It has been a while since I last checked in and to be fair, there isn't a lot to report on the racing front, as we're still in the summer break of our championship, but I've been keeping busy at home. It's perfect to have a break from the busy middle of the season, rest up and recharge the batteries for the remaining three rounds.


This year's break has been longer than usual. Originally there were five rounds to go after August, yet as the Moscow race and South African round at Welkom didn't make the necessary changes requested by the FIM, unfortunately they were both shelved, meaning it's quite a short end of season for me.

At present, I'm lying 3rd in the overall standings, so it's my aim to keep in the top three, or even go one better!

After Laguna Seca I was off to the Suzuka 8-Hour race, where I competed for a different team than my normal Pata Honda Team. The team is called TSR Honda, we use an endurance spec machine and together with a teammate we raced for eight hours straight. It's an amazing race, but unfortunately for us, my teammate crashed out with three hours to go. We were sitting comfortably in the lead and had lapped all the other teams in the field before that point. Akiyoshi-san broke his leg in the crash, yet, miraculously, brought the bike back to the pits! Our crew fixed the bike within 30 mins and we took to the track again to finish with our reserve rider Lorenzo Zanetti and myself. It was tough to go there and have the same thing happen two years in a row, but it just was not meant to be, I guess.

Since then I have had a great time at home, spun some demo laps at the Carfest North event promoted by DJ Chris Evans and also had a few nights away in London with my wife.


At the beginning of the season, we planned a little summer vacation, but with the middle of the year being so hectic with back-to-back races, countless flights and hotels, we decided the best form of holiday would be on the Isle of Man enjoying our beautiful home. The weather on the Isle of Man has been amazing and I've been riding my trials bike and motocross bike to keep my brain ticking over. I've also used my BBQ more than ever and fancy myself as a bit of a Jamie Oliver! My little boy, Jake, is growing up so fast, so it's also great hanging out with him, teaching him to walk and generally getting back those family weekends that we lose with the racing season.

It's also that time of year when contracts are decided for the following year. The rider market is a little like a domino effect with the big wigs falling first and so on so forth. It's coming up to my turn to fall, but which way to fall? I've always been very fortunate to have some options and this year is no different. Right now, together with the close people around me, we're trying to secure the best possible package for next year. To be honest, it's hard to describe to someone not in my position, but as with everything there are always pros and cons from all sides. I'm sure that by the end of the summer break I will have some exciting news to share with my fans!

Until then, I hope you've all enjoyed the great British summer and are looking forward to the last races. I'm counting on your support!




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