Carole Nash
Content Writer
Published: 18th July 2018

RACE SEASONS SEEM to come around so quickly these days, and it’s hard to believe we’re nearly a quarter of the way through the year with the 2018 WSBK season already underway.


I was so happy for the season to start again, as the winter break can be a very drawn out affair with lots of training, testing, and body/mind/diet preparation going on. You want to start the season in the best possible condition you can and you spend months focusing on it. However I doubt I have ever started an opening race in a worse condition as I did this year! Phillip Island was a tough one. There were a lot of factors that I tried to keep under the radar, which contributed to this race being one of my toughest and least prepared for…


Back in January, during my pre-season MX camp in Northern Spain I had a small crash on my MX bike, however I sustained a pretty traumatic injury to my finger. The gash was pretty gnarly and was a complete mess so I underwent surgery to clean it up and help ensure the finger could heal together correctly in order for me to race in Phillip Island. I did put on a brave face and just knuckled down ready for the pre-race test only to have a MASSIVE crash at Turn 11 on the first day of testing. This knocked me about even more, but once again I battled on and ended the Tuesday test on top of the time sheets feeling reasonably prepared for a winning battle for the weekend. However I wasn’t completely confident that we had dialled in a race set-up I was comfortable with.


Come Wednesday, disaster hit again. I woke feeling terrible. I had aches and pains and fever. My wife would say that I usually don’t cope so well with ‘man flu’ but this was no man flu. I was really sick. Probably the sickest I’d been in a really, really long time. I felt like the battle was continuing uphill. We lost our way on Friday with set-up, and then we had a disaster during Superpole still trying to fine tune our set-up, with the bike feeling completely like it wasn’t my friend. We were a little lost which doesn’t happen to TEAM65 very often. It was damage limitation going into both races, so in hindsight I was pretty happy that we managed a 5th place and a narrow miss on the win to get 2nd place in race 2. I can live with that seeing so many of the obstacles were stacked up against me during that week and I’m just so looking forward to finding my mojo again and getting back to business!


As most people who follow me know, my off-season usually comprises of me moving out to Australia with my family prior to Christmas. We spent last year building our new holiday home in Phillip Island (my wife’s home town), so we were extra excited to arrive and see how our new home had taken shape. I have to say it was amazing and we have already created so many great memories in this house with close friends and family. My wife Tarsh and the boys were lucky to be based in our new home for almost three months, and now we’re back to our other home in the Isle of Man and facing the colder climate. I’ve never thought much about it, but we now have two places we call home which are both on islands, which is pretty cool.


Until next time…