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Christmas for the Haslams is always spent at home with the whole family, and this year was even better as my kids Ava and Max are a little older. Thing is, the excitement was out of control...but if I'm honest, I probably was more excited than they were!


To celebrate the new year, we always go away as a family. This year 13 of us went to Mexico. We spent most of the time by the pool in the sunshine, though we still managed to get into some mischief...we went sailing and somehow succeeded in tipping the boat! The owner wasn't very happy! Kudos to my dad Ron, who was the sailor!


After the tests in Spain at the end of November, I started training everyday with all the boys and getting out on as many bikes as possible: motocross, enduro, trails...I managed to organise a day in Wales where 16 of us had a full day of enduro riding and we also had a go at trails riding near Jamie Whitham's place. I then competed in the SIC Supermoto in Rome, which was a fantastic event and I actually made the podium, with Max Biaggi and Dovi. I was really happy as it was my first-ever go at Supermoto. Whilst I was in Rome, I also hooked up with my new crew chief and boss. We went on a special tour around Rome on scooters, which was awesome! I felt like I was starring in a 007 movie, with very scary drivers all around me! But what a fantastic city!



Now we are back in the UK and I have more days of intense training ahead of me before I go testing at the end of the month. I can't wait to get things started. I think this is the most excited I have ever been to start a season of racing. I'm injury-free, feel in top shape and I'm really confident that my new bike and team will deliver.


Watch this space!