Carole Nash
Content Writer
Published: 20th June 2017

After the second round of the Darley Moor Championship ( read the report here ) we came to the conclusion that the brakes needed some work.

Now as we all know, times are hard and performance parts don’t come cheap. So it was time to start ‘negotiating’ prices and funding so we could get the bits we needed. The plan was to fit a new Brembo Master cylinder, a new set of brake lines, some new Galfer Wavey Disks and some new brake pads (again!!!). However, with funds on the wrong side of £700 and knowing we needed another set of tyres (£330), the challenge was on for a touch of help! A massive thanks must go to Performance Parts who really did help with the pricing on the new parts.

Luckily, we spoke to some people who were more than willing to help out where they could.

Plantec Assist, very kindly helped out with the master cylinder. KDM Motortech provided a set of tyres and MIS Northwest supplied a set of Galfer disks and pads. This was incredibly generous from all parties and one for which we are immensely humbled by, without the help from these and from Carole Nash, we just wouldn’t be racing or getting the results we are achieving.

We’ve fitted the disks, the brake lines, the master cylinder and the fresh rubber to the bike. So she’s ready for the next meeting at Darley Moor on the 28th & 29th June. The next job is to spend an afternoon at Stockport College, fine tuning the mapping on the power commander, hoping just to squeeze a couple more ponies out of the engine. We also stripped the engine down and checked all was ok since the tuning work, we checked valve clearances and wear rates, all was still within spec, so lid was bolted back on.

JPH paintwork of Bolton gave the scruffy wheels a lick of white paint and she’s now starting to look like a bike again:

So the next step is another test day at Oulton park, just to scrub everything in again, including me, we haven’t raced since the last round back in April, so need to get back up to speed again….