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With so many motorbike security products on offer, it can be a hard task knowing which ones to buy. Ultimately, think of your bike security in ‘layers’; the more layers you apply, the more likely it is that the thief will look elsewhere. For example, a top-quality chain or anchor lock might be the first layer, the second the bike alarm, and the third the garage door lock. Here we will review the ones we think are the best of each of these.


The Squire SS65CS Stronghold (Moto)

The intimidating look and feel of this lock alone should be enough to deter any thief. It is hydraulically pressed and secured with ball bearings, ensuring the ultimate resistance to power tool attacks.


ABUS WBA 100 Ground Anchor

This fastening brace allows your bike to be safely locked away indoors or outdoors by either mounting it to the floor or wall. Combined with a sturdy lock, this anchor provides maximum security. Its top-quality metal components and plastic cover make it weather resistant, and it can also withstand chemicals or being driven over.


Acumen Cat 1.1 Tempest Motorcycle Alarm

The Cat 1.1 is one of the smallest Thatcham-approved alarms, meaning it is easier to fit into those hard-to-reach places which, in turn, makes it harder for thieves to retrieve it. It comes with three sirens and a key fob transmitter with integral torch and ignition key.


Cisa 06303 Tilting Garage Door Lock

There’s no point in having your bike locked away in your garage if you have an insufficient lock on your garage door. Designed for securing garages with up-and-over or tilting doors, the body is fixed permanently to the bottom of the door, and the brass retainer is fitted permanently to the ground. This means that the bolt will drop into the retainer when the garage door is closed.


To protect against thieves, we offer our free DNA technology included free with any new bike policy.

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