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With so many motorbikes being stolen in the UK each year, bike security should be at the top of a priority list for any rider. However, don’t think of theft as an inevitable aspect of being a motorbike owner. Although motorbikes are tempting targets for thieves if they are not properly secured, the more security you apply to your machine the less likely you are to fall victim. Try to ensure you only invest in quality products recommended by Thatcham, as these have met their high standards. Here are some tips on how to keep your bike safe and secure when you’re out and about.



Where available, use motorbike parking spaces – these have security loops or stands for you to secure your bike to. In addition, look for Park Mark signs in car parks as these belong to the police’s Safer Parking Scheme. Park your bike in a busy area and, ideally, leave it where you can see it if you are going into a restaurant or pub, for example. Cover it with a tarpaulin – this both protects it from the rain and makes it less of a target for thieves looking for a specific make or type of bike.



Big, chunky locks and chains are an excellent visual deterrent. However, they can be heavy to transport when out and about. Disk locks are less of a deterrent but are handy and effective – with these, the wheel can only turn when the lock is removed.



Invest in a quality, Thatcham-approved alarm system – it will put off determined thieves and could also help to reduce your insurance premiums.



Mark parts of your bike with your vehicle identification number, registration number and postcode. Only around 20% of bikes find their way back to their original owner as their origins cannot be traced. Marking all parts of your bike also makes it more difficult for thieves to sell them.


Don’t leave it to chance. Protect your bike with our free DNA Technology. Click here for a demonstration. (https://www.carolenash.com/carole-nash-dna)