Carole Nash
Content Writer
Published: 13th March 2018

Motorbike safety is an essential part of being on the road and there are a number of initiatives taking place to help promote it. Motorcycle Awareness Day was held on the 11th February by Ace London Cafe one of the key campaigns is Biker Down, a free nationwide scheme created to help riders deal with a crash. The initiative provides a great opportunity for motorcyclists to improve their skill set, but what does it involve exactly?


What is Biker Down?

Biker Down is a free course held by the London Fire Brigade in partnership with the Metropolitan Police and Transport for London. Lasting for four hours, the course is open to all bikers and gives them insight into how to deal with a casualty, how to increase visibility to other road users and improve their danger awareness. The course is presented by a fully trained team member and split into several areas:


Crash management

This part of the course helps to deal with personal safety and how to manage a road traffic collision with a motorcyclist. You’ll learn how to communicate with witnesses, protect yourself on the road and take the thoughts of the other rider into consideration.


First aid

You’ll learn about the correct use of first aid, with CPR, basic life support and how to manage spinal injuries and crash helmet removal. This could potentially help you save someone’s life.


Visibility training

The visibility section covers the use of correct clothing, motion camouflage and pre-ride checks. By being able to remain visible, you’re less likely to get into a crash.

After completing the course, you’ll receive a certificate, a first-aid kit that can be carried under the seat of your motorbike and a discount for the BikeSafe London Rider Skills Day that’s held by The Metropolitan Police’s motorbike safety team.

Being a motorcyclist is about adapting to different situations and constantly improving. Biker Down offers the chance to increase your road awareness and become even more skilled.

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