Carole Nash
Content Writer
Published: 13th March 2018

In recent years, road accidents in Britain have reached a record high, with 1792 deaths being registered in 2017. A number of factors are responsible, including bleak weather and slippery roads. The dangerous conditions are leading to a greater number of accidents. It makes you wonder what the most dangerous roads in the UK are and thanks to research carried out by Regtransfers, an interactive map has been created to chart the 50 most hazardous routes in the country.

The research is supported by data supplied by the Department for Transport, which has shown that roads in London are three times more dangerous than country lanes. 52% of the most dangerous roads in Britain can be found throughout London and the highest accident rate is 12.70 per 1 million vehicle-miles driven on the A1010.

Top 10 Most Dangerous Roads In The UK

Based on Regtransfer’s map, here are the ten most dangerous roads in the UK.

  1. A1010, London/East of England, accident rate = 12.70
  2. A107, London, accident rate = 8.38
  3. A105, London, accident rate = 6.75
  4. A315, South West/London, accident rate = 6.70
  5. A112, London, accident rate = 6.25
  6. A400, London, accident rate = 4.40
  7. A4020, London, accident rate = 3.93
  8. A219, London, accident rate = 3.87
  9. A215, London, accident rate = 3.87
  10. A214, London, accident rate = 3.73

Most Hazardous Roads In Each Region

The map also shows dangerous routes outside of London, showcasing hazardous roads in each region. The A49 in the North West was ranked at the top of the list, while the A39 in the South West came last.

Based on the data, here is the full list:

  1. A49, North West, accident rate = 26.12
  2. A1010, London, accident rate = 12.31
  3. A4040, West Midlands, accident rate = 3.30
  4. A1079, Yorkshire and Humber, accident rate = 3.11
  5. A7, Scotland, accident rate = 3.10
  6. A15, East Midlands, accident rate = 2.87
  7. A420, South East, accident rate = 2.76
  8. A193, North East, accident rate = 2.53
  9. A487, Wales, accident rate = 2.05
  10. A134, East, accident rate = 1.76
  11. A39, South West, accident rate = 1.56

To create the map, Regtransfers divided the number of accidents by the amount of traffic on the road. The data was based on accidents and traffic volume between 2007 – 2016 and on roads with at least 1000 accidents. The data revealed that the busiest roads that usually come out on top aren’t the most dangerous.

It’s more important than ever to raise awareness for road safety, especially during winter. Regtransfers’ map is a useful resource and acts a reminder that motorcyclists and motorists need to work together to ensure a safer environment for each other.