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Once you’ve decided that you want to buy a new set of wheels, choosing what you want to ride is the next question you should be asking yourself. And of course, there are many different motorbikes to suit different types of riders. The next two articles will look at the different categories of bikes to help you pick the perfect ride.



Cruisers are great for those who prioritise comfort over everything else when they’re taking to the road. Generally, the bikes feature high, wide handlebars and big, comfortable seats which place the rider in an upright (or slightly leaned back) position – which is perfect for cruising.

Most cruisers are pretty hefty beasts, though, and their low-slung design can limit their performance and turning capabilities.


Sport bike

If speed, performance and aesthetics all feature highly on your riding agenda, then a sport bike is definitely your best bet.

The most popular choice of bike, these aerodynamic beasts boast powerful engines, sleek designs and super-sharp handling when taking to the road (or track). Each sport bike is built with acceleration, cornering and manoeuvrability in mind, making them perfect machines for the speed freaks among us.

Due to the bike’s design, the rider is positioned with their weight forward over the tank, which can become uncomfortable on long-distance journeys. This, along with the lack of storage space and poor fuel economy, makes sport bikes better suited to people who ride short-distance.



At the other end of the spectrum are touring motorbikes – designed for adventurous bikers who love their long-distance treks.

Tourers are designed to provide the rider with optimum on-road comfort for those lengthy journeys. The bikes feature large, plush seats which situate the rider in an upright riding position. The bikes’ large fuel tanks are perfect when clocking up the miles, and the large displacement fairings and windshields offer the rider ample protection from the weather.

Like with most type of motorbike, there are subcategories of the tourer, one popular choice being the sport tourer. These bikes are a compromise between comfort and speed and are suited to longer-distance riders that crave the speed and handling of a sport bike.