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Choosing what type of bike you want to ride can be difficult, and there’s so much to consider when making your decision. Our last article looked at cruisers, sport bikes and tourers; below, we’ll look at all other motorbike categories in order to help you pick the perfect machine.



An enduro is a hybrid bike designed for use on and off-road. The chassis typically mimics that of a dirt bike, yet the added indicators, mirrors, horn, lights and other features make the machine street legal.

Dual sport bikes are higher in comparison to other street bikes, and it is the tall seat and higher centre of gravity which allows for the required greater suspension travel when riding over uneven terrain.

Obviously then, these bikes are the perfect machines for riders who appreciate a mix of on and off-road.

Adventure bikes also fall under this category, and feature large storage space and fuel tanks for long distance journeys. Whereas dual sport bikes are great for 50/50 on and off-road riding, adventure bikes are more suited to road riding with the occasional off-road trip.



If you’re after a simple ‘A to B’ vehicle, then a scooter or moped could be your best bet.

These machines often (but not always) have much smaller engines, meaning that insurance can be significantly cheaper compared with motorbike insurance – great news for people on a tight budget.

The fuel economy is generally pretty good with mopeds and scooters, too. Their enclosed bodywork makes them quieter and cleaner than motorbikes, and their built-in storage space makes them great little commuter vehicles.



And then, of course, there’s the off-road category, for riders with no intention of setting foot - or wheel - on tarmacked surfaces.

There are many different bikes that fall under this category, and each have their own specific uses. Enduro, Trials and Motocross bikes, for example, are designed specifically for Enduro, Trials and Motocross sports and events, which are typically held on off-road circuits. The only difference is that Enduro bikes are commonly fitted with additional features to make them road-legal for some of the races.