Carole Nash
Content Writer
Published: 27th September 2019

Perhaps you’re a first time rider, who’s recently passed your full motorcycle licence – or a veteran looking to get back into the supersport motorbike scene.

Either way, we’ve compiled a list of some of the best bikes that will help you ease yourself into the world of motorcycling.

Honda CBR500R

Considered to be an all-rounder, The Honda CBR500R, is suitable for both beginner and more experienced riders alike. It has the power and feel of a larger motorcycle – with a 471 cc engine that puts out 47 bhp.

It’s a simple machine that doesn’t come with many features – however, it certainly has a refreshing aggressive design, that’s sure to attract attention as you ride.

The model sports a preload adjustable suspension, ABS as standard and to make sure it adheres to A2 licence regulations, it’s limited to a top speed of 112 mph.


The G310R was produced specifically to provide a budget friendly alternative to other more expensive models on the market.

Similar to many top range BMW bikes, ABS comes as standard, along with a classic BMW colour scheme. The model also boasts a 313 cc, liquid-cooled, single cylinder engine that gives up to 34 hp.

Whether you’re just starting out as a rider or looking to get back onto the road – it’s a great starting bike for anyone.

Honda CB500F

A versatile motorcycle that’s great for beginners and seasoned veterans, the Honda CB500F is an A2 licence bike, with a 471 cc engine that comfortably produces a total of 47 bhp. It can reach a top speed of 112 mph, and thanks to the torque from the engine, the bike rides smoothly even when a gear change comes late.

An impressive build quality and great handing make this model a top multi-cylinder choice for any rider.

Ducati Supersport

This Ducati was manufactured to cater for users in need of a burst of power, while also being a perfect ride for a smooth comfortable commute.

The lightweight model handles cornering and controls very well, and the 973 cc, liquid-cooled, L-Twin engine shoots out up to 113 hp – ABS and traction also come as standard.

It is a pricier model when it comes to beginner bikers, but a top choice for any enthusiast when it comes to wanting the comfort for day to day use, combined with the power and excitement of a sports bike.

Honda NC750X

The popular Honda NC750X is a top choice for commuters – managing to excel in regards to handling, braking, comfortability and smoothness.

It sports a low seat height, allowing riders to effectively touch the floor, which would put a lot of beginners at ease. When travelling at lower speeds, the DCT gearbox also allows effortless and responsive transitions, for pleasant day to day use.

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