Carole Nash
Content Writer
Published: 13th April 2018

There’s nothing like that feeling of taking your motorcycle out for a trip on the open road, just you, the tarmac, and the promise of adventure.

Many people own a motorbike simply to use it for open road journeys, and in recent years motorcycle touring has become much more popular. From fast sporty models to relaxing cruisers, there’s plenty of tour bikes to choose from.

We’re taking a look at 5 of the best touring motorcycles that can make embarking on a long trip more comfortable, your muscles less cramped, and help you get the most out of your next motorcycle tour.


KTM 1290 Super Duke GT

The Super Duke seems as though it was perfectly designed for life on the lonesome road. It’s widely regarded as one of the best sports tourers on the market currently, and is recognised for its reliability and stability.

With 173hp from a 1301cc V-twin engine, the bike boasts impressive levels of torque. A stable chassis, and semi-active electronic suspension, turn rough roads into a smooth ride. Plus, there will be fewer stops along the way thanks to a substantially large fuel tank.

Heated grips, cruise control and ABS all come as standard.


Honda Gold Wing GL1800

It’s lauded as a legend amongst touring motorcycles, and since 1975 the Honda Gold Wing has become an icon in its class.

As well as sporting the first factory production-line airbag in motorcycle history, the bike comes ready with all the amenities a touring enthusiast could ask for. Including, cutting-edge satellite navigation, heated grips, broader seats and armrests.

It’s a motorcycle built for creature comforts, that cradles the rider as it carries you seamlessly along the winding roads, whilst still letting you ride in style.


Indian Roadmaster

A contemporary touring bike with a vintage look – the Indian Roadmaster is another top comfort crowd pleaser.

Along with a catchy chrome style, the bike boasts a 1811cc V-twin engine, lots of storage space, and a six-speed transmission that provides plenty of torque – all of which makes it ideal for long journeys.

The motorcycle comes equipped with a wealth of features catered for comfort, such as keyless start, remote locking trunk and hard bags, a Bluetooth stereo, as well as heated seats and grips.  


Victory Cross Country Tour

The Victory Cross Country Tour is a motorcycle made for the long rides – with solid suspension,  standard ABS, cruise control and various customisable options.

An upgraded exhaust manages to pull plenty of extra kick out of its 1731cc V-twin engine, which already packs some power. It also comes complete with a top trunk and hard saddlebags, that offer great storage capacity, more so than any other production motorcycle.


Ducati Multistrada

Recognised as a modern-day classic, the Ducati Multistrada offers a consummate combination of sport, commutability and top touring ability.     

The highly versatile model boasts a semi-active suspension, traction control, ABS, integrated cruise control and even a self-adjusting windshield. It’s sized and stocked perfectly to be both great for navigating city streets, and for taking out on the open road.




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