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As Britain’s favourite bike insurance broker and supporters of the Get On campaign, Carole Nash is here to ensure that you get the best possible biking experience.


Whilst choosing the right bike is all important, the accessories are also crucial to ensuring that you get the most from your two-wheeled freedom. From the obvious kit such as the helmet and gloves to the sometimes neglected additional extras, here’s our run-down of the must-have accessories for your motorcycle.



It goes without saying that the first thing on your shopping list should be a good helmet. Whilst there are plenty of helmets on the market, all with their own price tag, look for a helmet that is suited to what you will be using it for. You wouldn’t use an open-face helmet for motocross for instance.


If you’re unsure as to the right helmet, the government’s new SHARP testing scheme could help you here. In the same way that Euro NCAP is a test of how safe a car is in an impact, SHARP tests and grades how helmets cope with a series of tests. Five stars is the highest score, one is the lowest. All helmets on sale in the UK should conform to British Standard BS 6658:1985 (and display the ‘kitemark’) or UN ECE Regulation 22.05. If you do not wear a helmet conforming to these standards, your bike insurance could be invalid.


Also make sure that you get a helmet that fits correctly. Read our guide on how to find the right size helmet here.



Aside from the helmet, leathers (or protective jackets and trousers) along with boots and gloves are all essential wear when you step on your motorcycle. As any MotoGP or World Superbike rider will testify, these pieces of equipment can prevent serious injury after a fall.


Security Equipment

Unfortunately, whilst some motorcycles will turn heads thanks to their stunning looks, there is a criminal fraternity out there who will have their eye on your pride and joy. Thankfully, you can keep your bike secure and your motorcycle insurance premium down with some relatively inexpensive security measures.


Get yourself a good lock and chain, fit an alarm that will sound if the bike is subjected to any significant movement in your absence and where possible, keep your bike or scooter in a locked garage.


Gadgets and Gizmos

All optional of course, but there are plenty of gadgets out there for bikers to enjoy. Sat nav companies have all rushed into the biking market recently and both bike-to-bike and pillion passenger intercoms remain popular.

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