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Every single day, thousands of people take to Britain’s roads on their motorcycle; whether it’s for commuter reasons, or personal enjoyment, we all enjoy the freedom that biking brings. But what many riders don’t realise is that they could be taking to the road with the wrong helmet.


You wouldn’t skimp on bike insurance protection, so why should you take an unnecessary risk when searching for the perfect lid! Invest a bit of time, and you can find the perfect marriage between style and safety features.


Despite the best intentions of many a bike accessory salesmen, experts believe that there are many people on the road who don’t realise their motorcycle helmet wouldn’t give them the level of protection they might expect in the event of an accident.


It’s easy to see why many people might not be wearing a correctly sized helmet. When walking into a store on the local high street, it is easy to become overwhelmed by the level of choice available on the shelf in terms of size, colour, shape and style.


It is a common mistake for riders, particularly novice riders, to opt for a helmet that is too large as they find the ‘close’ feeling of a motorcycle helmet unusual and uncomfortable at first. Quite often, the ‘right’ helmet will feel too small initially.


So how do you make sure that you leave that store with the right helmet?


In a similar way to motorcycle insurance policies, every rider will be looking for different things from their helmet, whether it’s a different size, style or colour so make sure that you shop around to find the helmet you want at the best possible price.


It is important to make sure that you get your head measured before trying on any helmet. Most reputable motorcycle accessory stores will be able to do this for you or provide you with a measurement tape which will give you an accurate indication of the size that you are looking for.


Once you know the size of helmet that you are after, then try on several helmets in store, but don’t just try them for a few seconds. If possible, wear them for a few minutes to check how comfortable they are. If you find a helmet uncomfortable after five minutes in the shop, imagine wearing it on an hour long motorway cruise! Remember that it is common for the ‘right’ helmet to feel small at first.


When you are wearing the helmet, try turning your head to expose any potential gaps. If, when turning your head from left to right you can put your fingers between your cheek and the helmet’s cheek pad, it is too big.


If you follow these simple steps as well as the advice of in-store experts, then you can make sure that your head has the very best protection should the unexpected happen.

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