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Got a question

What type of riding kit should I wear?

The short answer is the best you can afford. A good helmet is crucial as the head is the most vulnerable part of your body; brands like Arai, Shoei, Schuberth, HJC, AGV are all good choices, but there are many more. 

How do I test a helmet’s fit?

When you try on a helmet, test to see if it moves side-to-side excessively, or up and down on your head. The fit should be snug, but not so tight that it feels uncomfortable. Brands like Arai have three or more different helmet outer shell sizes, plus variable inner padding sizes, so you have a better chance at achieving a perfect fit. 

I’m just riding a few miles to work – do I need loads of kit?

If you’re commuting then some ankle length boots, waterproof trousers (with CE approved armour inserts) and a well made leather or textile jacket should be the minimum to aim for. You should choose some good gloves too, which feature visibly strong stitching on the seams and reinforced palm sections if possible. 

Good clothing brands we would recommend include; Frank Thomas, BKS Leathers, AGV Sport, Weise, Hein Gericke,  Bering, Held, Furygan and Dainese – but there are many more in the shops.

Choose clothing carefully, make sure it fits comfortably, yet is snug and warm – the wind/rain can chill your body’s core temperature and make you less able to concentrate on your riding.  

How do I know if gloves are the right fit?

When testing gloves, try doing up the chin strap on a helmet, or simulating using motorbike controls, to make sure all your fingers – and thumbs – have free movement and can achieve fine control.  

You fingers should reach almost to the end of the glove’s fingertip area, and the strap around your wrist should fit snug, yet comfortably. Remember leather `gives’ with some wear, so a slightly tighter fit is better than a loose fit in the longer term.

Most importantly, you need to be sure that gloves won’t pinch in any way, reducing the circulation of blood in your hands. 

Good glove brands include; AGV, Dainese, Held, RST, Rev It, Weise, Hein Gericke and so on.

What are the best boot brands? 

If you’re shopping for boots then look for something with a GoreTex waterproof membrane built-in, strong, Kevlar re-inforced support in the ankle area, plus an anti-bacterial lining to keep them smelling sweeter.

All leather boots will leak eventually on a wet ride, but products like G-wax help keep them resistant to showers. If your boots get soaked, dry them slowly, as placing them on hot radiators can crack the leather slightly, or allow layers inside to unpeel, or distort a little bit.

Good boot brands include; Daytona, Altberg, Sidi, Puma, Alpinestars, Weise, Frank Thomas and many more.

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