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Many schools across the UK sell Direct Access Schemes (DAS) courses that could get riders aged 24 or over prepared and assessed to take a test for their unrestricted motorcycle ‘A’ licence in a week or less.


However, these intensive courses are only recommended for those who already have experience of riding a manually geared motorcycle, as well as holding a CBT certificate, Theory Test pass certificate, provisional bike licence or full car licence.

For total beginners, it would be best to consider learning to ride a motorcycle over a much longer period in order to build up the confidence to ride on a big bike – especially learning how to negotiate one at slower speeds. Such an intensive course is no substitute for bike control skills honed over months and years.

It is also worth bearing in mind that a test for an ‘A2’ restricted licence (for bikes with between 33bhp and 47bhp and no more of a 0.26bhp per kg power-to-weight ratio) could be the best way for those aged 19 or over to develop valuable riding experience while still riding a moderately powerful motorcycle.


3-Day Courses

Only experienced riders who have already ridden a bike with a manual transmission should attempt a 3-day course. They will also need to have passed a CBT (or had a CBT certificate that expired) and are likely to have ridden a bike for several thousand miles already. The first two days are normally on a smaller 125cc and the final day will be on a 650cc machine.


4-Day Courses

These direct access courses are recommended for semi-experienced riders, with two days on a 125cc bike and two days on a 650cc bike. These courses are best suited for a rider who has recently completed a CBT on a manual bike, or already has a restricted ‘A2’ licence and wants to progress to an unrestricted ‘A’ licence. They can also be good for those with extensive riding experience on an automatic bike or someone who has had lots of off-road experience but not as much on the road.


5 or 6-Day Courses

This longer course is the most suitable for a novice rider. For a six-day course, the first day (normally several days before the others) is to get your CBT certificate. This will be followed by one or two days on a smaller 125cc bike and then three days riding a 650cc bike.