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One of the easiest ways of cleaning a bike is to run it down to your local garage and give it a blast with the jet wash – the best ones go through a complete cycle of damping down, adding detergent and rinsing, and the results can be rapid and satisfying.


But be aware of a few things you should avoid. For a start, don’t blast the water near vulnerable bearings, such as at the centre of the wheels, the steering head or the swingarm pivot. If the seals aren’t perfect (or if there aren’t any!) all you’ll do is wash away the grease, leaving the bearing unlubricated and rusting rapidly, a recipe for imminent expensive replacement.


Keeping the water away from the electrics is common sense – bikes are weather-proofed in this respect, but not always designed to withstand the force of a jetwash, while the detergent breaks down grease which keeps out ordinary rain.


And don’t blast dirty paintwork – it scratches! Float off grit with a light spray of water.

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