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Modern bikes need very little day-to-day attention, which ironically means the few things we do need to look at tend to be neglected more than ever.


The most glaring is a bike’s tyre pressures.


Checking them daily or before every ride is recommended by some but smacks of paranoia, although a weekly check is a good idea. But do it before you ride, not after, as the tyres must be cold. The pressure in tyres heated by being ridden can rise by 5psi or more, giving you false readings.


The most consistently accurate pressure gauges are the pencil types with a sliding inner scale – digital ones appear accurate but in practice many of them aren’t, and they cost more too! Garage airline gauges are also notoriously inaccurate.


Don’t use the tyre pressures in your owner’s manual if you don’t have the bike’s original tyres fitted – use the figures quoted by the tyre manufacturer, which are often different.


Incorrect pressures (high or low) accelerate tyre wear, upset handling and reduce grip – so they don’t have a lot going for them really!

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