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Y’know, an air conditioned hotel in a desert somewhere is lovely for storing your bike during winter, but sadly, few of us can park up near Vegas and forget about it until April. Which means that leaving your motorcycle laid up in the garage in damp, freezing Britain is the only option. However, the damp and frost can still wreak expensive havoc with modern bikes which are laid-up over winter, so follow these tips;


Get the battery off the bike and stick on a trickle charger at least once a week. If the battery stays on the bike longer than 6 weeks or so, it will be half dead – thumbing the starter button for 10 minutes in March will finish the thing off altogether.


Drain the fuel tank, and the carbs. Stale, or water-contaminated petrol is the most likely reason why your motorcycle will not start again after a winter lay-up. Petrol begins to go `off’ in about 6 weeks, depending on the atmospheric conditions, so buy some fresh unleaded in the Spring.


Turn those wheels! Spin the wheels every few weeks to stop the brake pads from sticking to the discs, which can be an expensive fault to cure. It also stops the tyres from cracking at one particular spot if they are bearing the whole weight of the bike, whilst parked on a side-stand for example.


Don’t forget tyre pressures – it’s normal for the tyres to get a bit flatter even whilst doing nowt in the garage or shed, so keep an eye on the pressure loss.
Happy hibernation!

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