Carole Nash
Content Writer
Published: 17th December 2018

If you’re riding through winter, ideally you should wash your bike down after every ride, as much as that may be a pain.


Start with a clean bike (you already know how to clean your bike, right?), then run your bike up for a few minutes to get the motor and the exhaust warm.


Then we’d recommend spraying it with a protector like ACF-50, an anti-corrosion lubricant which is designed to stop the salt eating away your bike before your eyes.


ACF-50 was originally designed to protect aircraft from corrosion but has been available for bikes for years.


It will protect your bodywork too, and acts as a layer between the grime and the salt on the roads, building up a protective layer over time.

When the bike is warm, also cover the exhausts in WD-40 (or similar). The fumes will coat the bike, and the exhaust headers, and give you the best chance of protecting your motorcycle this winter.


We’d then recommend washing the bike down with cold water after every ride, just to keep the salt at bay and then re-cover with ACF-50 and WD-40 when appropriate.


Just be warned not to get it on the brake discs or tyres as you’ll end up with brakes that don’t work, and tyres more slippery than a kebab on a pizza shop floor.


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