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Riding Techniques

Being on the road is a full time commitment, whether you’re driving a car or a bike. With off-road driving, it can be even more challenging. The environment is constantly changing - there could be hidden dangers like exposed crevices or steep slopes.

With the number of new bikers increasing, going off-road is becoming popular to be a better rider as it offers you a chance to learn critical riding skills in a safe environment as well as it being a thrill. With this rise of new road riders comes increased chances of injury, so it helps for new bikers to be prepared by taking the right training.


As one of the leading bike insurers in the UK, we feel it’s important that riders know what kind of training is available. This comes in the form of off-road training, and people of all ages and experience levels can benefit from it. The kind of skills that can be learned are varied. They range from learning how to achieve a greater amount of tyre grip, to riding safely on slippery surfaces. Other skills include learning how to brake safely and stop your motorbike(and to control a lock up safely), as well as how to improve your steering.

So, how can these skills benefit you?

What are the benefits of off-road bike training?


You’ll benefit from the training by being able to identify an unsafe environment and take the necessary precautions. This will improve your confidence and allow you to take control in both off-road & public road situations where you might be travelling with someone who’s less experienced. This confidence extends to controlling your emotional state as well, helping you to stay calm. As a result, you’ll reduce the risk of injury.


This type of training teaches you how to adapt to various situations, whether you’re travelling down a slope, or riding in control on gravel, grass and the likes. It has the added benefit of keeping you fit, as off-road environments are more challenging than public roads and require greater physical input.


You’ll also have a better handle of the motorbike, such as when you’re braking, setting off in control or when the bike has been dropped. Without the correct training, lifting a bike can be difficult, particularly on uneven ground, once trained, you’ll be able to pick a bike up safely and avoid injuries.

Are these skills transferable?


Off-road training translates into being a better rider on public roads. You’ll become more conscious when driving on all conditions and seasons. With the skills you’ve learned, you’ll be able to steer the bike in tight corners and safely achieve U-turns. Being trained for both off-road and on the road makes you a safer rider overall.

Where can I learn these skills?


At Carole Nash, we pride ourselves on linking bike enthusiasts with accredited training courses. MotoScotland is the UK’s largest off-road training centre, with a reputation for providing high-quality courses. MotoScotland teaches over 20 new/unique rider skills, ranging from achieving greater balance on your bike, to getting better at navigating on slippery surfaces.



Having secured off-road motorbike training recognition from the Department for Transport and Driver’s Vehicle Standards Agency, MotoScotland is a wonderful place to train.


Taking an off-road training course has many benefits, such as becoming a safer rider. Taking an advanced driving program is also a good way to reduce insurance. Off-road bike riding is an exciting experience that should be enjoyed to the fullest.

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