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You’ve seen racers – and wannabe racers on the roads perhaps – hanging off the sides of their bikes, knees scraping the ground (one at a time, of course…). Well, apart from looking dramatic, it does help to get a bike around a bend, and surprisingly perhaps you can learn something from it yourself without having to go to those extremes.


On the approach to a corner, and while the bike’s still upright, shift some of your weight to the side (on the inside of the turn). You can slide your bum across the seat, but even without that, just moving your chest across makes a difference. It’s also important to try and lower yourself too, and remain relaxed.


Do this and you’ll find the bike much more willing to drop down into the turn, and when it’s there it will lean further far more readily should the curve tighten more than you expected.


But don’t move your weight once you’re in the turn, as the bike will wobble and move off line.

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