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If you have just passed your CBT and are about to take to the open road for the first time, on two wheels, then you might wonder why you should consider a day off-roading. Well, the answer is simple; off-road riding teaches throttle control skills like nothing else. The bike moves, bucks, weaves and bounces around as the surface changes, but once you get past the initial panic attack, you will discover that a motorcycle can slide around quite violently, without the rider ending up face down on the ground. All it takes is a smooth throttle action and an appreciation of how much – or how little – grip the tyres have on any given surface.


Stuff like braking is also helped by off-road riding. Again, it’s easier to lock the wheels, but this is a good thing because it shows the rider that the bike can be controlled, to an extent, even though the wheels are locked up.


Now you aren’t going to learn how to ride speedway style in one day, but any basic tuition will certainly give you loads more confidence when road riding. More importantly, if something unexpected happens on a busy street and you hit the brakes hard, there’s a much better chance of you staying upright and/or dodging the hazard, after a few hours doing it in the dirt.


Off road skills are life-saving skills, simple as that.

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