Carole Nash
Content Writer
Published: 24th September 2019

Arguably the most important safety concern when riding your motorbike is staying focused. Now, it does sound absurd but losing focus can actually be pretty easy. We’ve all been there, you’re stuck in a long line of traffic coasting along and the next thing you know you can’t remember the last 5 miles. Ring any bells? 

Lack of concentration can lead to silly mistakes such as: exceeding the speed limit, missing a turning or having decreased awareness of other road users, in any case, losing focus can have potentially dangerous repercussions.

So we wanted to share some tips to help you stay focused the next time you’re out and your mind starts to wander: 

Take a break

If you can’t simply focus because you’re tired, need a toilet break, or are hungry. Resist the urge to carry on for a few miles and stop at the next service station possible to take a break. That way, whatever your mind was wandering on will be eliminated allowing you to focus your attention on riding your motorbike.

Get into a routine

Get into the habit of creating a pre ride ritual you stick to can be a great way to boost focus. This can be as you put your helmet on, or start up your bike, but going through the same routine allows you to concentrate on the ride ahead.

Similarly, if your concentration starts to slip mid ride, having a word or phrase to repeat over and over can help you regain focus.

Stay hydrated 

When we’re dehydrated we can become drowsy and lethargic which has obvious detrimental effects on our riding performance. Making sure you’re properly hydrated prevents this and allows your body to stay cool. The colder the water the better!

Breathing techniques 

During or even before a ride, certain breathing techniques help produce a calming effect that allows us to enhance our focus, even after a couple of minutes. 

Try breathing in to the count of four, holding your breath for one second and then exhaling.

Think before you get on your bike

Being aware of your thoughts before you hop on your bike and head out can be difference to maintaining concentration or losing it completely. If you’ve had an argument with your partner, had some bad news, or are stressed at work, these are the kinds of things that can be detrimental to focus.

If you do have something you can’t simply get out of your head, it might be worth leaving the bike at home instead of going out for a ride.

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