Carole Nash
Content Writer
Published: 12th September 2019

Every year, thousands of motorbike riders go through their test, and take to the road on two-wheels for the first time. Even after passing, riding without the support from an instructor for the first time can be quite a daunting experience.

However, with practice you’ll soon find that it gets easier and easier. Once it becomes second nature, you’ll look back and wonder why you were so anxious in the first place.

To give you the best head start possible for your first few unaccompanied rides, we wanted to take you through some tips from the experts.

Stick to short trips

When you first start out instructor-free it’s better that you only take short journeys at first. Shorter trips will help you to build your confidence while getting used to your motorbike. Once you start to get more comfortable, you can then gradually increase your riding time and start to tackle longer journeys.

Always be wary of weather conditions

The weather is something you should always be more aware of as a rider, because you’re much more exposed to the elements than other road users. Be sure to pack some waterproofs with you for every journey, just in case the weather changes. Wear several layers on colder day to stay warm, and make regular stops to rehydrate and keep yourself alert.

Keep your headlight on

Remember that being on a motorbike makes you much more at risk on the roads than other motorists. By making sure your headlight is on, you’ll be making yourself more visible to other road users. It’s important to always assume you’re invisible to other vehicles, because often they will make sudden movements without seeing you. Keep this in mind as it will help you focus and become more aware of their actions.

Check before manoeuvering

It sounds obvious, but always think first before you make any manoeuvre. Taking the time to glance over your shoulder before taking action could save your life. You’ll be more aware of other motorists and where they are in relation to you.

Travel at comfortable speeds

Don’t go faster than you can handle. Instead, travel at speeds you are comfortable with. Doing this will always give you enough time to slow down and stop if you suddenly have to, such as in icy, foggy or wet conditions.

Know your motorbike

Of course, the best thing you can do to prepare yourself for the roads is to really know your motorbike inside and out. This includes carrying out regular maintenance, such as checking brakes and oil, to ensure you’re riding as safely as possible.

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