Carole Nash
Content Writer
Published: 6th November 2019

BMW has added two new models to its midrange of bikes with the all-new F900R and F900XR which have been revealed at the Milan motorcycle show as 2020 models.

The F900R is a direct replacement for the outgoing F800R roadster with the F900XR not really replacing anything directly, but instead acting as an additional offering in the middleweight category as a smaller capacity offering in the adventure sport class. It could be seen as a replacement for the poor-selling F800GT model which never really sold in great numbers despite being a perfectly good motorcycle.

The F900XR joins the larger, much more powerful new S1000XR which was also launched on the same day.

Both models share the same 895cc parallel-twin engine that was first introduced (in a slightly smaller 853cc capacity) to the F850GS range in 2018. The larger capacity means power has been hiked to 105hp from 95hp in the GS models.

BMW is clearly trying to set the benchmark in the middleweight category when it comes to technology and equipment offered either as standard or as optional extras.

Both models get LED lights, connectivity using a linked smartphone app, adaptive cornering lights, keyless ride, electronic adjustment suspension, riding modes, a quickshifter, emergency calling system, cornering ABS, electronic engine braking adjustment, traction control, emergency brake assist and anti-wheelie control too.


BMW says it has worked hard to try and make the parallel-twin layout of the F900 range as engaging as possible. The parallel-twin configuration can sometimes be a little bit dull in terms of noise and feel but BMW say it has worked on the ‘emotional appeal’ of the new motor to avoid this.

The increase in power has come about as a result of the increased capacity thanks to a 2mm wider bore of 86mm, along with new forged rather than cast pistons and work to the cylinderhead too.

Peak power is now 105hp at 8500rpm and peak torque is 92Nm with a much fatter torque curve the aim of the work. Two counterweight shafts keep vibration down.

Newly available is an electronic control of the engine braking called MSR which prevents the rear wheel from locking when the throttle is closed sharply or when the rider downshifts swiftly.

BMW F900 Range


Two riding modes are offered as standard with Rain and Road working to adjust the throttle feeling but also the way the Automatic Stability Control (ASC) traction control system works. As an option a Riding Modes Pro additional bit of software adds Dynamic and Dynamic Pro modes which also adds Dynamic Brake Control and the option to turn off the traction control and also adds cornering ABS.

The dashboard is a full-colour Thin Film Transistor (TFT) 6.5in display that not only keeps the rider informed of the status of the bike but can also add a basic navigation system through a dedicated BMW smartphone app.

The dashboard is all controlled through handlebar-mounted controls for maximum safety.

The lights are all LED and cornering lights are an option to help the rider see around corners while the bike is leant over.

BMW F900 Range

An option to add Intelligent Emergency Call is now available on an increasing number of BMW bikes and is a system where a handlebar button can summon help or the bike can automatically call for emergency assistance if it detects the bike has been involved in a crash.

Like all BMWs, the option list for both bikes in terms of luggage, HP parts and more is extensive.

The F900R is available in red, blue and black, the F900XR is available in red, silver and gold.