Carole Nash
Content Writer
Published: 17th June 2008

BMW powered trike offers disabled bikers true freedom.

The Martin Conquest company recently invited insidebikes to Millbrook testing grounds, to see their new 2008 model in action.

The major change for 2008 is the fitment of the BMW R1200R series engine, with the 1170cc, flat twin power unit making a claimed 109bhp, up 28% against the older 1150 power unit. The new engine also generates 17% more torque, which is a considerable advantage when pulling the weight of the steel/alloy chassis, electronic wheelchair ramp, safety cell, lights, heavy duty suspension and rear axle.

A Kliktronic 6 speed gearbox allows disabled users to get the best from the new Boxer 1200cc motor, with simple, push-button operation, plus a handy reverse gear. Rear wheel drive, anti-roll bar and twin shock absorbers at the back end, help give the 2008 Martin Conquest secure handling on Millbrook’s ‘Alpine’ course. Disabled bike journalist Chris Dabbs from MCN rated the new Martin Conquest highly;

“It handles, stops and goes really well, looks intimidatingly large at first, but you get inside it, secure your wheelchair and soon start zooming around the track with confidence. The only extra touches I would like are some cubby holes to store stuff within the bodywork and perhaps some kind of styling kit – it could look sleeker, more modern.”

Gregg Daly from Martin Conquest told insidebikes that the company “We work closely with each and every customer to make sure that their trike fits them perfectly, plus we offer rider training courses, and advice on the government’s Motability scheme to ease the purchase costs. This is all about giving someone with a wheelchair disability the chance to have a real independence on the road, and some fun.”

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