Carole Nash
Content Writer
Published: 24th March 2014

The Lotus C-01 certainly looks like it has jumped straight out of a sci-fi film. Official pictures were recently released showing the bike in multiple colour combinations, including black and gold, British racing green, and a variant that looks similar to Martini Racing’s early blue and green livery.

Remember Daniel Simon? He was the guy behind the Lightcycles in the film TRON: Legacy, but he is also the designer of the C-01. Simon previously worked for Volkswagen and consulted for Bugatti.

The C-01 is not built by Lotus, though, but by German companies Kodewa and the Holzer Group, which licensed the name of the British sportscar maker for the project. As for now, there will be only 100 of the motorbikes available and each one will cost just over $130,000.

The Lotus C-01 produces 200-horsepower, courtesy of a revised version of KTM’s 1,195-cc V-twin engine. The bike’s chassis is assembled out of titanium, steel and carbon fibre, with a seat height of approximately 28 inches.

The C-01’s wheelbase is approximately 65 inches, which is ten inches longer than a real street-legal superbike. The wheelbase’s front end is raked way out in front with a 19-inch wheel. The proportions are unlikely to give riders much racing prowess unless planning on riding in a straight line, according to Autoblog.

The bike weighs 399 pounds without a biker, fuel, and oil, which is significantly lighter than the V-Rod and just the right weight compared to the fastest superbikes in the world.

Image: Daniel Simon, Lotus Motorcycles