Carole Nash
Content Writer
Published: 20th July 2017

One of only six examples of Kawasaki’s 205bhp, £27,999, H2 Ninja Carbon in the UK has been stolen in an audacious robbery at a West London dealership.

kawasaki ninja

A gang of thieves hotwired the shutters of Daytona Motorcycles in Ruislip Manor, a multi franchise dealer selling Yamaha, Suzuki and Zero Motorcycles, as well as Kawasaki, at around midnight on Wednesday and broke in. CCTV footage, supported by video shot by a local resident, showed the gang arriving on scooters and smashing the front door down. The criminals, appearing to be clearly focused on the rare H2, recklessly moved several high value bikes out of the way before pushing the Kawasaki outside and riding off on it. The gang were able to get away before police arrived, despite the alarms going off and traffic passing. Check the videos out at the bottom of this article.

Kawasaki has only made 120 examples of the hyper bike and the bike stolen was only one of six in the country. The bike had been specifically ordered in for a customer and was due to be picked up by its new owner.

kawasaki ninja h2 carbon

Daytona Motorcycles’ Ricky Simmonds said that there was a £5,000 reward leading to the recovery of the bike, adding that the limited edition nature of the H2 Carbon meant that they had ‘put a lot of effort into getting the bike’ and that they will be unable to get a replacement for the customer.

Yesterday’s theft continues an alarming trend of thefts from motorcycle dealerships this summer, with several other showrooms having been targeted over the past few months.

Video One – Inside the shop

Video Two – Leaving with the Kawasaki