Carole Nash
Content Writer
Published: 23rd January 2018

Going on a road trip with your motorbike is a great opportunity, so imagine if you were to travel all over the world. You’d be able to feel truly free and go anywhere you wanted. But it’s not an easy task to just pack everything up and go riding into the unknown. It’s a daunting experience, yet it is possible. Some people have attempted it and had the time of their lives. We’re listing four bloggers who’ve thrown caution to the wind and gone around the world on their motorbike.

Torque To Strangers

This website is run by two German brothers called Thies and Momme, who left Berlin to go on the adventure of a lifetime. They started in April 2017 and travelled through 22 countries to reach Japan in September 2017. The journey took them 173 days to complete and they chronicled it all via online diaries.

The Torque To Strangers website offers plenty of tips and insight into how to prepare for a motorbike journey around the globe. For example, their blog about how to overcome language barriers is very useful.

Be sure to check out for more information.

Alaska Moto Girl

Alaska Moto Girl, real name Nikki Misurelli, decided to go on a motorbike world tour after she and her boyfriend split up. From Alaska she travelled to Panama in Central Africa, which led to her visiting nine more countries and travelling over 12,000 miles. To afford the trip, Nikki sold all of her possessions and worked part time, which shows how dedicated she is.

In her own words “I have dreams to see and learn as much as possible and experience all life has to offer…I do not have an exact route, I leave it open to spontaneous and random opportunities. Life and travelling is not always easy, but I have discovered that it makes me physically and mentally stronger and I learn more about myself and other people and cultures too.”

You can follow Nikki’s journey on Facebook and Instagram.

Kane Avellano

Kane Avellano grew up around motorbikes and it inspired him to be ambitious from an early age. This culminated in him becoming the youngest British motorbike rider to circumnavigate the globe at the age of 23. Kane travelled over 32,000 miles on his Triumph Bonneville and achieved the record in 2017. He helped to raise £2200 for Unicef along the way.

You can check out Kane’s website to see what motorbike challenges he wants to overcome next.

Bruce Smart

Bruce Smart’s motorbike journey around the world came out of a promise to his mum, who told him to live his life the way he wanted. Bruce’s first attempt to go around the world ended in failure after he was held captive by gangs in Africa. Bruce made it back to the UK and was eventually sponsored to go on another world tour. His second attempt proved to be a major success and he clocked over 74,000 miles.

Today, Bruce runs his own motorbike touring company called Chicken Strips. You can find out more information by going to