Carole Nash
Content Writer
Published: 13th April 2018

European countries pride themselves on keeping their road networks well-maintained, with ongoing maintenance – and proudly boast an abundance of exciting and scenic routes that any motorcyclist can enjoy.

Despite this, there are some famous routes that have developed reputations for being dangerous, and are known as accident blackspots, especially when riding under certain adverse conditions.

So, in no particular order, we’re looking at 5 of the most dangerous roads in Europe that certainly put a strain on motorcycle safety…


Atlantic Ocean Road, Norway

Even during its construction, the Atlantic Ocean Road located in the midwest part of the Norwegian coastline, was hit by a total of twelve European windstorms – classed as the strongest cyclones that occur across the entire continent.

The road itself is considered one of the most scenic drives in the world, and runs by Hustadvika, an unsheltered part of the Norwegian Sea. Riders will be almost teetering on the edge of the sea, as they pass over sudden dips and around twisting curves – while the the unique highway is occasionally battered by brutal waves during storms.


Cat and Fiddle, England

The stretch of road on the A537, located between Buxton and Macclesfield, is known as the Cat and Fiddle road – named after a famous public house of the same name, which sits at the summit of the route.

At a little over 7 miles long, the single carriageway climbs to a fairly high altitude, allowing for some stunning views of the Greater Manchester region. However, the route also features an excessive amount of twisting corners, and a sharp series of bends that have caused many drivers and riders to lose control, especially when travelling at speed.  

The road was given the highest risk rating in the EuroRAP report – despite safety measures, like installing motorcycle-friendly barriers, it’s been the location of numerous fatal crashes, and was named the UK’s most dangerous road in a 2008.


Stelvio Pass, Italy

Often described as one of the toughest and most winding routes in the Alps, the Stelvio Pass is located in the Ortler Alps in Italy.

As well as being amongst the highest mountain passes in Europe, at 2.757m above sea level, the road features a staggering 48 hairpin turns.

All drivers need to be vigilant and cautious when taking on it’s demanding serpentine sections, which stretch upwards as if sculpted into the surrounding mountains. The Stelvio Pass is widely considered a marvel of engineering skill – where even the most experienced riders will face a challenge.

Despite the dangers, the road is famous for being one of the most magnificent driving or riding experiences in Europe.   


Patiopoulo-Perdikaki Road, Greece

The Patiopoulo-Perdikaki Road in Greece, is a narrow mountainous road situated in the region of Aetolia and Acarnania.

Sure to give motorcyclists a troublesome time, the route is full of potholes, extremely slippery after rain fall, and with the lack of any guardrails is considered the most dangerous road in the country.

Measuring around 14.6 miles in length, the route boasts steep inclines and sudden descents, with very little road grip to help tackle the numerous twists and turns.


Passage du Gois, France

Located between Île de Noirmoutier and Beauvoir-sur-Mer – the Passage du Gois connects Noirmoutier, a small island, with the rest of mainland France.

When attempting to motorcycle across though, timing is essential, as the passage periodically floods and is at times completely submerged with the rising tides.  

The natural route is flooded twice a day by the high tide, and cars often refuse to travel across it for fear of becoming stuck – making the road a very risky and treacherous journey for any rider.



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