Carole Nash
Content Writer
Published: 13th March 2018

Bike bloggers come from all walks of life and through their passion help bring people together in a shared love for motorcycling.

We are going to be focusing on the influential female motorcycle blogs of the biking community – and there are many great ones out there, each providing unique perspectives and interesting ideologies on the industry.

Although we couldn’t list them all, we’ve done some searching and here are some of the best female motorcycle blogs to follow this year.  


Her Motorcycle

The blog focuses on helping women riders to find bike gear and accessories that are right for them – offering valuable information and insight. It details specific information on the best gadgets and gizmos that a female biker can use, as well as up to date news on the latest bikes, new and used and how to effectively maintain them.  

There’s also comprehensive sections on motorcycle road trips based on personal experience, as well as biker friendly accommodation, and details on the essential routes to ride.


Gear Chic

Run by Joanne Donn, Gear Chic aims to educate and raise awareness regarding motorcycle gear – providing more essential information to female riders that many online stores don’t offer.   

The blog provides advice and authentic reviews on gear quality, utility and accesories – all to help those making a purchase decision.


Liz Jansen

Based in the U.S. Liz Jansen is a popular female motorcyclist, and her blog deals with an extensive range of subjects – from technical advice for new female riders to safety tips for dangerous roads.       

The blog is dedicated to inspiring women riders and to better connect them with their passion. There are sections to help with learning the basics of bike riding, must-attend motorcycle events, journeys on the road, as well as comprehensive reviews and information.  


Women’s Coalition Of Motorcyclists

The Women’s Coalition of Motorcyclists is a closed network blog, aimed at females from all disciplines of motorcycling. It offers various membership packages to women bikers that grant access to exclusive discounts, electronic newsletters, and other offers and privileges on bike products and accessories.

The blog details the latest news on the biking industry and provides a platform for female riders to connect with each other globally.


Carla King

An adventurous and passionate female motorcyclist – Carla King tours many countries on her bike.

She writes blogs about her extensive travels – detailing many inspirational tales from her personal experiences.