Carole Nash
Content Writer
Published: 27th March 2018

A motorbike is more than a machine to many riders. A motorbike is a piece of art that was built for the road and motorcyclists around the world enjoy adding their own personal touch to the vehicles they ride. The custom motorbike industry features a plethora of creative individuals who’ve dedicated their lives to creating something magical. The amount of hard work that goes into customising a motorbike can’t be understated, and we’re featuring seven of the most creative custom bike builders in the UK.


Hawg Haven

Hawg Haven is one of the UK’s premier custom motorbike makers, having over thirty years experience. They specialise in a number of developments, ranging from engine work to revamping a frame. The Norwich based business have worked with us in the past, having created a custom bike for our stand a few years ago.


Auto Fabrica

Some motorbikes looks good with high tech modifications, but that’s not the approach for Auto Fabrica. Started by brothers Bujar and Gazmend Muharremi in 2013, Auto Fabrica focuses on building motorbikes with a minimalistic appearance. This is exemplified by their Type 1 Kawasaki GT550 that doesn’t come with any extravagant trappings. It’s simple, elegant and has an attractive gunmetal paint job.

The company’s principles are “to harmoniously balance function and form whilst delivering outstanding and unique products. A meticulous eye for detail and high levels of craftsmanship are key to its foundations.”


Down And Out Cafe Racers

Based in Sheffield, Down and Out Cafe Racers was founded by Shaun Walker. The company focuses on producing some of the best custom BMW and Triumph Scramblers in Europe, working from scratch with bespoke frames. With over 15 years of experience, Down and Out Cafe Racers is one of the most versatile custom motorbike businesses around.

Some great projects they’ve worked on recently is a Bonesheart Thruxton R that features powder coated satin black rims and stainless steel bracketery. Another interesting creation is the Ducati Scrambler that has muscular appearance best summed up in the bulky tyres.


Destiny Cycles

Destiny Cycles is a custom bike business run by Vic and Lin Jefford, who put their heart and soul into every machine they design. Some of their most impressive projects include the Gunnerers Daughter and Destiny Invader.  We regularly display the company’s motorbikes at our events across the UK, so be sure to look out for a Destiny Cycles built machine at the next Carole Nash exhibition.


Old Empire Motorcycles

Old Empire Motorcycles have created some gorgeous machines, such as The Typhoon, that looks like it combines old and new technology together. They specialise in one-off custom motorbikes that take their names from the automotive and maritime history of Britain.

What’s great about the company is that they provide a step by step guide on how to enquire about a custom motorbike being built. Split into three steps, OEM want to make sure you’re covered from every angle when deciding what kind of motorbike you want.


Sickboyz Custom

Sickboyz Customs is one of the most well-known custom motorbike builders in the world, having won multiple awards. The company has also appeared on ITV4’s The Motorbike Show, championing the industry and bringing awareness to a range of designs. Some of the machines they’ve created include an Ironhead, Triumph Scrambler, Hotrod Softail and the Black Hole.


Sinroja Motorcycles

Sinroja Motorcycles are another business that specialise in minimalism to achieve a big impact. Founded by Rahul Sinroja, motorbike enthusiasts will find a number of services at their disposal, from bespoke custom builds to bolt-on parts. The latter includes seats, subframes and performance kits. Sinroja’s style can be seen in the R1, which has a clean, crisp design based on a 1989 BMW R80 RT.


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