Carole Nash
Content Writer
Published: 14th March 2014

Speed limits on UK motorways should be kept at 70mph, according to 78.1% of drivers who are against a proposed speed restriction of 60mph on a section of the M1. The findings are from a poll conducted by car supermarket firm Motorpoint.

Earlier, the UK government’s Highways Agency announced plans to introduce a speed limit on a 34-mile section of the M1 motorway that links Derbyshire and South Yorkshire. The proposed limit would come into effect in 2015 and would oblige drivers to stick to speeds of 60 mph or below. Its introduction follows the clean air targets set out by the European Union. While the targets are intended to help lower congestion levels, they turn out to be broadly unpopular among drivers, P&H Motorcycles commented.

The results reveal drivers’ definitive stance on speed limits, said Mark Carpenter, managing director at Motorpoint. He commented that the solution to cutting congestion and pollution levels is not slashing speed limits. The UK government should concentrate on making motorways smarter by building lanes to free up traffic and prevent queues, he said. Drivers are also taking measures to reduce their carbon footprint by investing in eco-friendly technology; so instead of criticising motorists for using their motorcycles and cars, the government should promote measures to make travelling on motorways easier, he added.

It is yet to be decided whether the proposed speed limits will take effect, but if they go ahead, this could result in another 13 sections of motorways having speed restrictions, according to Carpenter.

Motorpoint polled 4,100 drivers for the survey.