Carole Nash
Content Writer
Published: 12th April 2016

On Friday 15th April, to celebrate the beginning of bike season, we are launching our first ever Hero Day.

Several very kind and generous bikers have offered to give some of their time to become a Carole Nash Biker Hero for the day and help those in need.

Whether it’s picking up your lunch, taking flowers to your loved one or posting your mail at the post office, our biker heroes are around to help.

Our Hero Day will run between 10am and 4pm. During this time, we are encouraging people in need of a helping hand to tweet us @insidebikes using the hashtag #Ineedabikerhero.
Please could tweets take the following format:

@insidebikes [WHAT YOU NEED A HERO FOR] in [LOCATION] #Ineedabikerhero

Example: @insidebikes Please can you deliver some flowers to my wife? In Manchester #Ineedabikerhero

If we are able to help you then a member of our team will ask you to direct message us on Twitter with your address and phone number and we will then be in touch with further information.

Unfortunately, we won’t be able to help everyone, however we do have some gifts that we’ll be giving out as random acts of kindness to brighten up several lucky tweeters’ day, including signed merchandise from racing legend Ron Haslam.

Our biker heroes will be on hand for tasks including:
– Picking up your lunch
– Taking your dry cleaning to/from the cleaners
– Picking up your food shopping – one bag only
– Taking flowers to your loved one
– Taking your mail to the post office

We cannot help with:

– Pillion transportation
– Assisting anyone under the age of 21 years
– Transportation of prohibited Goods /Restricted Goods
– Transportation of live animals

Our Hero Day doesn’t stop there. We’d love the whole community to get involved and do what you can to help others. Whether it’s helping an elderly neighbour do their shopping, buying a treat for a friend who is having a hard time, or donating items to charity. Share your good deeds with us on Twitter using #bikerhero.

For full terms and conditions, please click here.