Carole Nash
Content Writer
Published: 13th August 2014

An innovative new motorcycle helmet packed with features is available to preorder from this week.

The Skully AR-1 comes with an augmented-reality interface that projects a rear camera view onto the inside of the visor. The big advantage of this heads-up display is that it eliminates the need to look over your shoulder to check your surroundings.

The helmet also has a built-in GPS antenna for navigation and can provide turn-by-turn directions. The small display appears below the right eye so it doesn’t block the rider’s field of vision.

Other features of the AR-1 include Bluetooth connectivity and a smartphone companion app, compatible with Android and iOS, which can be synchronised with your phone. This allows the wearer to make and receive calls, or stream music, simply by using voice commands.

The AR-1 is the first product from San Francisco-based Skully. It was unveiled at the Demo conference last year and has won awards from Demo and South by Southwest Interactive, CNET reported.

There is clearly huge anticipation in the market for the new helmet: when the company launched an IndieGoGo campaign for the AR-1 this week it surpassed its goal of $250,000 in just eight minutes and has now raised over $986,000. More than 400 preorders have been made for the helmet, at prices starting from $1,399 (£832).

The full retail price for the helmet when it goes on general sale is expected to be $100 more.

Preorders can be placed via IndieGoGo until 9 September.

Image: Skully Systems