Carole Nash
Content Writer
Published: 14th October 2014

There is huge anticipation among motorcycle riders for the new augmented-reality helmet which will start shipping next year.

The crowdfunding campaign for the Skully AR-1 helmet broke records from day one and has now raised over 900% of its initial target.

Skully launched its campaign on 11 August with the goal of attracting $250,000 of orders. That target was reached in just eight minutes, and within 45 hours sales of the AR-1 had reached $1 million, making it the fastest campaign on crowdfunding site to reach that milestone.

The huge demand led the company to extend the campaign in September, and since then sales have surpassed $2.2 million, making it the most successful wearable campaign in Indiegogo’s history.

More than 1,700 AR-1 helmets were sold over the course of the campaign and the crowdfunding effort finally closed on 9 October.

Early adopters could take advantage of special pricing and financing options. The AR-1 was offered for $1,399 and buyers could also opt for a deposit scheme, paying an initial sum of $499 followed by a second payment of $949 which is due when the helmet ships in mid-2015. The retail price of the Skully AR-1 will be $1,499 (£934).

The new helmet will come with a heads-up display linked to a near 180-degree rear-view camera, as well as turn-by-turn GPS navigation, smartphone pairing and voice control.

Commenting as the Indiegogo campaign came to an end, Marcus Weller, founder and chief executive of Skully, said that it had been a great success and “a true testament to the desire for innovation in safety technology.”


Image: Skully