Carole Nash
Content Writer
Published: 27th May 2011

Armed bandits have hit Nick Sanders’ latest trans-American expedition in Mexico, kidnapping the team’s support driver, a pick-up truck, two motorcycles and an undisclosed quantity of cash.

Jim Wolfe, the support driver for the 19-strong crew, was later returned unharmed the following day. None of the crew was harmed during the attack, which occurred in the Michoacan region of Mexico.

Sanders, one of the world’s most experienced adventure riders, told MCN: “We were held up at gunpoint. We lost the pick-up, we lost two bikes and our money, obviously. Both of the bikes belonged to clients, luckily one was fully insured while the other was broken, so there was no real loss.

“Our driver, Jim Wolfe, was literally held at gunpoint and taken away at high speed. We got him back the next night unharmed. He’s since gone to the embassy in Mexico City and been repatriated. I’ve spoken to him and he’s fine. He’s a hero.”

Sanders was forced to take a ten hour taxi ride to retrieve Jim, who was badly shaken but completely unharmed following the ordeal.

The crew is embarking on a 16,000 mile journey across America, starting in Argentina and riding to north to Alaska but despite the experience, Sanders has vowed that the journey will continue, adding: “We’ll absolutely continue our journey as planned and we’re all fine.”