Carole Nash
Content Writer
Published: 15th December 2015

Every year throughout the UK, thousands of motorcycle journeys end in serious injury. While many accidents are due to driver error, such as speeding or riding without due care and attention, a high volume of these accidents occur because motorcyclists are simply not seen by other drivers.

However, offering a potential solution to this issue, in a recent study, it has been argued that riders wearing high-visibility clothing are 37% less likely to be involved in an accident than those wearing normal daytime gear. With this in mind, it makes sense that bikers should take extra care when riding throughout the darker winter months – but perhaps that there’s also a case for riders wearing high-visibility clothing too.

In this article, we’ll take a look at some of the options you can buy when adding a dash of luminosity to your ride – after all, if it means you’re getting seen, isn’t it worth investing in the right gear?

Reflective belts

Although traditionally worn by cyclists, a sash-like reflective belt is a great option for riders who don’t want to glow from head to toe! Cheap, lightweight and ultra-compact, these hi-vis belts can be rolled up and placed in your pocket, rucksack or pannier when not in use with ease – which makes them a firm favourite for city slickers looking to protect themselves without the need for full body suits that need lugging around all day!

Hi-vis vests

In a similar fashion to reflective belts, hi-vis vests present a really lightweight option for riders looking to store their safety gear in their top box or work locker. These vests can be worn over leathers, textured jackets and waterproof oversuits – just make sure you try before you buy, the last thing you want is a vest that flaps in the wind or is uncomfortably tight!


Stepping things up a notch, rather than buying a set of leathers or a textured jacket, why not invest in a high-visibility option and eradicate the need for a belt or vest altogether. Offering a protective layer while helping you to remain visible to other drivers, a CE approved jacket can be found online for £250. There’s even the odd waterproof jacket available too, which should help you to stay dry whenever the great British weather sets in!

Hi-vis oversuits

As we’ve previously discussed earlier this month, a waterproof oversuit can go a long way in keeping any chilly raindrops away from your clothes when riding through wintery showers. So imagine if you could combine this weatherproof option with the safety of hi-vis. Well, for under £100, you can now buy a full oversuit in a hi-vis finish online – which should come in handy as the dark nights and foggy mornings kick in over winter.