Carole Nash
Content Writer
Published: 29th March 2016

Would you like to be a Carole Nash biker hero?

We’re looking for biker volunteers to give up some of their time for people in their community. For example, this may involve helping someone in your local area transport some important documents from A to B, or just sending a loved one some chocolates on their birthday.

On the Hero Day, people in need of a helping hand will be encouraged to tweet to the Carole Nash @insidebikes account using a designated hashtag (#Ineedabikerhero). Our team will monitor these requests and let the biking heroes know of anyone in need near them who it may be feasible to help.

The biker heroes will need to give up a few hours of their time on either the 8th April, 15th April or 22nd April. Based on the availability of the biking heroes, a Carole Nash representative will be in touch with those who have applied once the exact date is confirmed.

As a thank you, we will provide fuel costs of up to £50 and donate £50 to a charity of the hero’s choice.

Those interested in taking part are encouraged to email with their name, contact details, local area/city and availability, plus which charity they would like to support, and we will get in touch.

Please check with your existing insurer/broker to ensure you have the correct cover in place to join in on the act of kindness. Failure to do so, may invalidate your policy. The T&Cs to take part can be found below.

Biking Heroes Assistance T&Cs

We are happy to help with:
o Picking up your lunch
o Taking your dry cleaning to/from the cleaners
o Picking up your food shopping – one bag only
o Taking flowers to your loved one
o Taking your mail to the post office

We cannot help with:
o Pillion transportation
o Assisting anyone under the age of 21 years
o Transportation of prohibited Goods /Restricted Goods
o Transportation of live animals

Please note:
o Biking heroes must act within the terms of their insurance and within the boundaries of the law.
o No items to be transported over a £100 value
o Item must be packaged correctly and no responsibility for all loss, damage or injury arising of goods
o No money must transfer between parties

• We know there are biker heroes worldwide – but on this occasion we are only looking for heroes in the UK
• We will be donating a maximum of £500 to charity – £50 to the first 10 biker heroes