Carole Nash
Content Writer
Published: 2nd May 2014

We all love taking our bikes out for a cruise – be it a long or short distance – but sometimes finding the best storage can be a right hassle. More often than not things don’t fit or the storage unit itself can be too big for a short trip, or too small for a long one. The wrong luggage can easily become a nightmare to attach and remove from your bike or be just plain ugly, ruining the overall look of the bike and ruining your enjoyment. With the motorcycle touring season just kicking off, here are a few of our favourite storage devices for our bikes, suitable for all journeys (and all pockets):



Kriega are one of our favourite brands for motorcycle goods. Reliable, durable and pretty cool to look at, this brand makes storage on your bike look sleek and non-bulky. From the huge 70 litre capacity USCombo70 Dry Bag for long journeys and camping trips costing around £245, to the £45, 2.5 litre Rally Pack – perfect for storing safety equipment and small tools – Kriega have it all. For a happy compromise, we like the US-20 Dry Bag; at £75 the cost isn’t horrific, but the pack is 100% waterproof, has plenty of space for short- to mid-length journeys and doesn’t look unattractive when attached and filled to the brim. There are even options for attaching the packs together making the whole system very versatile. The smaller packs also come with a choice of carrying options and can be adapted to be worn on the shoulder, courier style, or around the waist. The biggest selling point of the Kriega range is the innovative bike attachment methods – alloy hooks mean no tangled cargo nets, dangerous bungies or lost eyes. have a huge luggage range available – and we mean huge. They stock all kinds of brands and packs of all sizes – including the Kriega storage solutions listed above. Their website has a useful filter allowing you to look for tailpacks and rucksacks, tank bags and leather luggage. The different brands available mean this website has more choice in terms of volume and price; you can pick up a 6 litre HELD Magnet tank bag for £44.99, with a map compartment on the front and a soft back, allowing it to mould and shape itself to the curves of your bike. On the same page you can grab the best-selling 11-17 litre expandable HELD Tuareg tank bag for £114.99, or the MOTO-DETAIL City 2 tank bag at the bargain price of £23.99. We particularly like the Vanucci tail bag VSR03, with 20 litres of storage space, water-resistant outer layer and rucksack conversion straps for just under £100.



This is a brand to get excited about. We visit the Motorcycle Planet website for a wide range of their goods available here in the UK at competitive prices. The new TRK46B Trekker side hard bag has a capacity of 46 litres, can hold up to 10kg of your worldly goods and costs roughly £225. The popular Givi EA102 tank bag, on the other hand, can hold up to 25 litres, is expandable, universal and a steal at around £60. The reinforced parts, fastening belt and additional rain cover make it a good all-round choice. Givi also produces a streamlined seat bag (the XS301); this holds 20 litres, includes an easy-carry dry bag and costs around £80.


For those of you really looking to splash out, the Givi Trekker 52 three case set, at £610, is at the higher end of the range but should last you a lifetime – as well as keep your goods safe and dry during any journey. The set includes two panniers with a 33 litre capacity per side and one 52 litre capacity top box. The matching cases are reinforced, look sleek and utilise Givi’s Monokey system – allowing the cases to be locked and attached using a single key.



For a range of bags, from streetbike to cruiser luggage, MotoCentric is the place to go. With prices starting from approximately £30 up to (and over) £100 this is the site to check out if you’re looking for value for money. You can grab a slick, black cruiser roll bag to carry a second helmet or change of clothes (plus a little extra) at the bargain price of £35. If you’d prefer a tank bag, the Weekender GPS at £55 is ideal if you don’t want to spend a shed load, but still want durability, space and convenience.