Carole Nash
Content Writer
Published: 29th January 2014

A new system has been introduced by the European Union that will allow bikers to carry radio-frequency (RFID) chips in their tankbags or pockets. Using the chips will eliminate the annoyance of having to pay for tolls using credit cards or money, which in turn will make it easier for bikers to tour the continent. tolls

The European Electronic Toll Service (EETS) is currently being used by a number of countries, but at present the tolls are different in each country, which leaves drivers and bikers carrying many passes for different areas.

In October this year, a two-year pilot will start in countries including Austria, Denmark, France, Germany, Italy, Poland and Spain before it is introduced across the entire continent.

The new system will allow motorists to carry only one RFID chip which will work across all tolls in Europe. Also, the initiative will allow drivers to receive an invoice at the end of each month instead of topping up their credit cards, which will eliminate the hassle from touring long distances across the continent, and will also let drivers use the fast lanes at most of the current toll roads.

The new toll collection scheme is aiming to eliminate the delays on tolls by collecting them electronically. The e-tolls determine if cars passing are a part of the project and notifies enforcers about those cars that are not enrolled, while automatically debiting the accounts of car owners registered in the programme without requiring them to stop at the toll.