Carole Nash
Content Writer
Published: 4th January 2015

Community and events

892,000 registered motorcycles

Although motorcycles are quite a popular form of transport in the Czech Republic, there isn’t a huge scene for rallies and festivals. That said, if you do your research ahead of time you’re sure to find some bike-related events to sink your teeth into!

Czech Republic MotoGP – Get your racing fix at Brno, which has been hosting GP events for 85 years – although the present circuit only dates back to the 1980s.

Top Routes

Prague to Dubá
A great ride across green fields and woodland from the majestic capital to the sleepy town of Dubá, this route also offers the opportunity to visit the castles of Kokorin, Houska and Bezdes along the way.

Becov Nad Teplou – Mariánskeé Lázně
A superb route through the western Czech Republic, offering a varied mix of bends, straights and lovely scenery as you travel to the picturesque spa town of Mariánské Lázně.

Safety and the law

7.1 annual road fatalities per 100,000 people (2012)
PTWs account for 11% of fatalities (2011)

The roads are fairly safe for bikers in the Czech Republic. Motorcyclists are subject to a reduced speed limit while on motorways (90kph, while cars can go to 130kph), and dipped headlights must be on at all times during the winter and in low visibility at other times.

Czech traffic police have a zero-tolerance policy on blood alcohol: any amount is enough to put you over the limit, so be very careful. Even taking to the road the morning after a moderately heavy night of drinking could put you at risk of a fine.


27% of population speak English

Czech isn’t the easiest language to learn, but it’s probably worth at least taking a phrasebook. It’s uncommon to encounter English speakers outside of Prague, although you may have more luck with the younger generation – since the Velvet Revolution of 1989, schools have taught English instead of Russian.